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Cooling down the earth

Justdiggit aims to cool the earth again by bringing nature back. Justdiggit's focus is where the greatest impact can be realized: Africa. They do this by inspiring and activating millions of farmers to green their land. Greening Africa has a positive impact on nature, biodiversity and climate.
It helps to cool down the planet again!

Contributing to a green mission

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Contributing to a green mission

At Homerr, we want to make the world a little greener. This starts with ourselves, of course, by reducing our carbon footprint. We also look at parties with the same mission that we can support. Unlike most parties, we don't do this by offsetting our emissions.

Together with Justdiggit, we are greening dry areas, which is cooling the earth. We do this regardless of the number of packages we ship. This way we not only keep the responsibility of our CO2 emissions to ourselves, we can also green and achieve much more!

Water bunds

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Water bunds

Global warming and persistent drought are causing land degradation in many African areas. The top layer of soil becomes hard, preventing rainwater from infiltrating the soil. By collecting rainwater using bunds, the water has time to soak into the soil instead of being washed away, and to restore the water balance. This gives the seeds present in the soil a chance to germinate. Thus, eventually, the entire area becomes green and cool again.

The effect

In recent years, Justdiggit has worked with local farmers and partners to dig more than 300,000 bunds and green over 300,000 acres. Digging bunds helps restore water balance in the soil and bring back vegetation, which has a positive effect on the local and regional climate, increases water and food security, and promotes biodiversity. Homerr donates a minimum of 375 bunds each year. With these bunds, we green 46,500 square meters of degraded landscape, resulting in healthier ecosystems, higher agricultural yields and a cooler planet.
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